A New Look

Wow, it’s been almost seven years since I’ve been writing on this blog for the first time. I will never forget the way at first time I wrote, I always started the paragraph with two words, dear diary. However, I will never delete those posts, whatever it was that silly. I know those series of posts will be used by my colleagues as jokes. For me, every post I’ve written is a very personal history, in a very personal emotion, which I called it as daily notes.

Today, I think it’s a perfect time to change. As the main topics of this blog is not melancholia anymore, I think I should change my long wisdom text, kita tidak bisa mendapatkan apa yang kita inginkan agar kita bisa mensyukuri apa yang telah kita dapat.

That was the past.
And this is today and tomorrow and the future.

And for celebrating the throwing out that long tagline, I proudly present the brand new look for this blog. Yet a clean and simple themes. It’s just because I love simplicity.

Thank you. It’s strange to write in English, but I don’t know why the first sentence is in English, so I just follow my fingers to write in English hehehe…

By Galih Satriaji

Bookaholic, Workaholic. Chubby. That's me!


  1. Hahaha… Aku jg nggak pernah ngapus postingan lamaku yg dirasa agak konyol. ;P Wiiii… So white…

    Ehem… Setelah semalem maksa utk dibikinkan versi mobile, aku mau riwil lg, nih. Itu archives kayaknya kepanjangan kalo ditaro di sidebar. Kayaknya lebih bagus kalo diletakin di page khusus kayak blog ku itu, looohh..


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