Trying to Write Good Resume

Started last overnight, I tried to figure out about my future. Where do I start to get new challenge. In the simpler words: I started to think about getting permanent job after my graduation. What do I have? I never think how difficult to write a piece of writing that describe about my qualifications, my experiences, and my skills. It looks like when I write my final project book. I want the best, so it needs time to write a damn good resume.

Where must I work?
In which technologies I should get into? as web developer, java developer, or just like current duties, a network engineer?

By Galih Satriaji

Bookaholic, Workaholic. Chubby. That's me!

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  1. Wow.. keren..
    Banyak skill yah..?
    Top markotop dech.. :p

    Tonjolkan saja yang paling kuat, Mas..
    Atau lihat dari sisi minat..

    Kalo udah memutuskan, itu saja yang di dalami..

    Sekedar saran.. 🙂

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