GPRS versus Telkomnet Instan

For those who doesn’t have subscribed-broadband-internet-connection, there is several choices to connect to the internet. We have dial up via telephone which is called Telkomnet Instan. What if we don’t have fixed telephone account just like I do? If we have GSM signal that support GPRS, we still can connect to the internet via GPRS connection. Here, I will compare these two methods in the way they charge us.

As you know, telkomnet instan charges in per-hour calculation. They charge about Rp. 9000 per hour not including telephone tariff. In other hand, GPRS charges in data downloaded calculation. They will calculate how much we have to lost our money in how many bytes data we have been downloaded. GSM Operators such as Telkomsel charges Rp. 30 per KB (how expensive!), Indosat M3 charges Rp. 11 per KB. CDMA operators charges less expensive than GSM does, for example Telkom Flexi charges us only at Rp. 5 per KB. Fren after-paid-card much crazier than others, they charges only at Rp. 0,45 per KB.

Don’t compare these tariff with other countries. Internet connection is still an expensive thing in Indonesia. How can use it efficiently? If you want to download large files, don’t ever use GPRS connection! This is my experience: I almost never browse the internet web page using GPRS even just opening my mailboxes! It still too expensive for me. I only use this connection only for instant messenger using Yahoo! Messenger. In last 2 weeks I’ve spent my days in my home at Tulungagung, I’ve just talked with Lala (I prefer call her as Wice) and Rike (the one who get crazy with purple). For long time, say 3 hours, I just spent about 600 KB or approximately Rp. 8000. Comparing with Telkomnet Instan, you have to pay 3 * Rp. 9000 = Rp. 27.000 for 3 hours conversation with them (cute and beautifull girls).

If you want to open your mailboxes, or visit detik com, or even check your friends’ updates on friendster, plug out your DKU-Cable or USB-Cable which connects your laptop and mobile phone and change this with telephone cable. Yes, let’s surf with Telkomnet Instan. It’s not comparable in charge if you have downloaded 1 MB of files. If you are using IM3 GPRS Connection, you have to pay 1000 KB * Rp. 11 = 11.000. Using dial up connection which has max speed at 56 Kbps, you only needs approximately 10 minutes download times or Rp. 9000 / 6 = Rp. 1500. Make sense? 🙂

They are still too expensive? Forget your laptop, take your flash disk and go to internet cafe! They  only charge you about Rp. 2500 – Rp. 6000 per hour. Besides browsing, you can stare at the one who sit in the front of you, who is that? the beautifull one! hehehe…

Internet cafe is still too expensive? Do you want a free internet connection? Just wait for monday comes and go to your office! Who hates monday if you can have a free internet connection on your work desk? But, don’t forget our main duty from the boss, right? 🙂

P.S: This writing I write first in my localhost blog, then I publish it in my friendster blog. This one is copied-and-pasted from my friendster blog under my permission :p

By Galih Satriaji

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  1. Tell me about it!

    Am still trying out the best way for internet access in Bali. But it’s really a pain. Indonesia seem to be 10 years behind let’s say Singapore, compared to Cost of Internet Access.

    I lived before in Phuket/Thailand (a much smaller island than Bali), but it was like a different century internet-wise.


  2. yes bali expensive for Internet ,special in ubud the France people own the highway broadband or (highway robbery)you have to pay internet for 50000 rupiah or $6 HOURS PLUS how much you use KB even internet not connect you have pay how much time you sit there,any body go to ubud better don’t go there and you prints something coast you $2 per page and hi pay the local employer only $50 month , any body go to ubud don’t do business with highway robbery

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