ITS Students, Let’s speak English!

This morning, when I went to my office — just like another day, I’ve just got myself come to ITS Language Centre, clarifying my expired card. You know guys, if you are an ITS students, take English Program on your FRS for this semester, just feel free to learn English course at ITS Language Centre at no charge. They named it as IKOMA Care Program. You only need copy of KRSM and KTM, submit them to ITS Language Centre and it’s done. Take placement test to know your english level first.

I’m not LC staff, but why don’t we get this opportunity? If we want to learn Englsih, actually we don’t need anything except a facilitated place that we can speak English without worry. Because I’m the man who don’t have much time to get trapped on Surabaya’s traffic jam, LC is the best place for me. Hehehehe… it’s enaugh for this advertisement, I have to go to BAAK to get my KRSM. I will save my allocated money because of this program, hehehehe…. cheeerss!

By Galih Satriaji

Bookaholic, Workaholic. Chubby. That's me!


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