Todays’ Note

Yesterday I had just completed my work in designing new website for a local company located in ITS. This project would not be special if there was no unique things in this site. What’s that? yeah, it had to be written in English. Oh My Lord… you know how good my English was (you can read it now, it’s horrible.. :p). The good news was that I’ve got only one brochure describing the company’s profile. So, based on this brochure, I’ve tried to compile its webpages one by one. I’ve used my best to try to followed its structures and styles. Many buzz words, as always brochure has :). But at the end of the project, I’ve amazed with my work. Not very bad, but it looked very elegant.

Tomorrow I have to meet my final task’s lecturer to discuss about my progress. I don’t know what I will be tomorrow, but today I must prepare for it. Actually I prefer to read my new book: “Java Web Service for Experienced Programmer” than doing something boring just like reading IEEE paper. But if I want to still “alive” this week, I have to prepare this. And at Saturday, maybe I will have very interesting “adventure”. What’s that? Just wait, I will write just as the adventure is finished. Cheeers!

By Galih Satriaji

Bookaholic, Workaholic. Chubby. That's me!


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