Today, October 12nd, 2005

Two years ago, and one year ago, this day was very special for me. The day which I’ve waited for since a week or even two week before. I’ve prepared for that day very well, prepared for some box ready shipped to a city I’ll never forget. And at the night, some words sent to her to show how much i care about her. not very romantic words, just “Happy birthday my dear, may all your wishes come true…”

Okay, let’s back to the present Galih! I’ve just realized that all of them are useless and killing me time by time slowly. What for? She doesn’t do like I do just like we are friend or if I take her words: “brother and sister” :-D. At least I still have my pride. I’ve just realized if I’m still standing here — with lot of confusing reasons — I will trap in this past memory and never wake up from suffer and this deeply pain.

I’ve decided it, today is not different with the other day. I don’t care whatever happen with our friendship. I don’t care if it will be destroyed. She just started it! I have to save myself. I have to wake up as soon as possible.

Just for a intermezo, if she read it: Happy birthday, my dear… may all your wishes come true….

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By Galih Satriaji

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